Dental Disease

Signs of Dental Problems...

Dental disease affects 68% of cats and 78% of dogs over the age of 3.  Periodontal trouble in pets causes the same range of problems that it does in humans: from mild tartar and gingivitis to receding gums; significant inflammation; and, finally tooth loss, with smaller dogs being more prone to such issues than larger breeds.

Everybody has bacteria in their mouths. And bacteria love to hang out on our teeth and grow. When they grow, they make plaque. That’s why we brush our teeth twice a day, to remove the bacterial plaque that has built up in just a few hours. Since our pets don’t have thumbs (among other reasons), they can’t brush their teeth. So plaque builds up over time. Plaque can be where you can see it (above the gumline) and where you can’t see it (below the gumline).

Is It A Toothache?

1. If your pet becomes shy, their teeth

    may be feeling sensitive

2. Pet loses their appetite

3. Gums are more red than pink

4. They make themselves scarce

5. Their breath smells bad. Pets should

    have a sweet breath with no

    overwhelming scent.

*If you see any of these signs of  tooth pain or feel you need a deep cleaning it may be time to visit a veterinarian.