Andrea from Simi Valley, CA:  

I've found the perfect toothbrushes for my cats! They're very low-profile, not like the large clunky ones my cats hated, but they were all I could find at my local pet store at the time. I will definitely be reordering these when it's time to. Thanks! Fast shipping too...

5.0 out of 5 stars Best kitty toothbrush!
I would give this 6 stars! I selected this toothbrush for two features: brush shape is regular (not flared at one end) so it's not too wide for kitty mouth. And it's made in the USA! And the price is very reasonable. I've been using it daily for more than a week and really like it. The length and width of the soft bristles are *perfect* for kitty mouth. My vet says it's the upper teeth that get the worse plaque buildup as the bottom teeth get some cleaning from the upper teeth. The bristles are soft but because there are lots of them they do a good job of cleaning. The length of the bristle area means that I am covering more area for the same number of brush strokes. And I can get a reasonable amount of the tooth paste on the brush. This is a great kitty toothbrush!

Kara from Denver, CO:  

This toothbrush is small enough for my cat, which is what I needed in a toothbrush. It also came with a nice note from the seller thanking me for buying their American-made product, which was sweet and made me feel loyal to them. My cat seems to like the toothbrush, which surprised me. 

5.0 out of 5 stars I like this brush By Mark 
Brushing my cats teeth was easier than I thought it would be. I have had to have several teeth extracted from my cats mouths in the past. It's expensive, and I'm sure it's uncomfortable for the cat! I like this brush. It's has a small head of bristles which my cats seem to tolerate quite well. I like the idea of providing good dental hygiene for my cats, so that they maintain the highest level of health possible. I highly recommend this brush to anyone who loves cats and is willing to take the time to brush their teeth. Just do it!

5.0 out of 5 stars  Dental Hygiene is not just for humans By Wayne1984 I think this product is new to Amazon, but I've already read good reviews from another web site...other brushes I've used are either to big or bristles are to hard. What I've read so far is that this design is much butter....looking forward to receiving my order. Update to follow.  Update- great much much better then the ones I've used in the past. I recommend.

“We like the DOG toothbrush! A lot! It’s firm but not stiff and neither huge nor dinky. It’s as if Goldilocks was (were?) rating this treasure. It’s just right! Lately we’ve been using the rubbery brush that fits on the finger, but due to the teeny rubber brushes  I’m not sure how effective it actually is. Both Oscar and I give it 4 paws up and find it far superior to any brush we’ve used in the past. “