Tooth Anatomy

Can you believe cats have thirty (30) teeth! (Dogs have 42) That's a lot of teeth for such a tiny little mouth.  Each feline tooth plays an important role.  Cats have incisors, canine, pre-molars and molars. Learn about cat tooth anatomy and cat teeth below.

Incisors: These are very small teeth located at the front of your cats mouth.  The incisors are used to help hold prey (or a cat toy) and they only have one root.  Your cat should have twelve (12) incisors (six on the top and six on the bottom) but if you cat is like mine....there are some missing!

Canine: Even our sweet cuddly lap cat is a true carnivore at heart.  The canine teeth are used for killing and shredding prey.  Our OSH's (Oriental Short Hair) have only used these teeth for destroying a cat toys.  The canines are long vampire looking teeth and they have a single (long) root.  The canines are supported by strong ligaments and are deeply embedded in the bone.  Your cat(s) should have four (4) canines.

Pre-molars: Most cats have six (6) pre-molars in the upper jaw and four (4) in the lower jaw.  The pre-molars are used for chewing prey (or in a pampered house cat, kibbles and wet food).

Molars: The majority of cats have two (2) upper molars and two (2) lower molars on each side.  Molars are also used for chewing food.

Your goal when brushing your cat or small pets teeth is to remove the plaque above and below the gumline.