The Dog Toothbrush

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Some people say it's just a pet why bother brushing their teeth.  For many of us our pets are our family, that is why at Kittyteeth we've worked closely with a United States toothbrush manufacturer to design a specific cat toothbrush that will work for you and your small pet.

The manufacturer uses all of the finest materials. Most important, they end-round and polish each .004 ultra soft bristle.  This ensures a safe, comfortable and more effective brushing experience. 

​The toothbrush head and bristle height have been reduced to accommodate your pets mouth. This reduction will help get the brush between your pets cheek to reach their back teeth.

Toothbrush Specifications

* Size: 4 7/8 inches

* Designed specifically for you pets small mouth

  and sensitive gums

* Ultra Soft and polished bristles aid in removing 

  plaque without damaging your pets gums

* The brush head is 3/4 inch by 5/16 and has a

  shortened bristle height

* Promotes clean teeth and healthy gums

* Easier to use and more comfortable for your pet

* BPA Free​


Dog Toothbrush (small)


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A unique toothbrush designed specifically for your small dog. 

Your purchase includes one (1) pet toothbrush with instructions.

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